The Chest Workout for Mass

Looking for a chest workout routine for mass? Look no further! We put together this list of the best exercises for chest development you should use today! Read

Man Performing Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Four Inspiring Lifting Videos

Following up on last week's post on some of our favorite fitness YouTube channels, now we present you with 4 inspiring lifting videos. Read

Screenshot from 5 Minute Squat Battle

The Hardest Part: Getting to the Gym

There are a million excuses to skip the gym: you're tired, hungry, behind at work, behind on netflix. Getting to the gym is important, this is how we stay motivated. Read

Woman Bench Pressing

Key Features of Gravitus 1.05

We're constantly working on exciting new features that make logging workouts in the gym with Gravitus a breeze. Here are a few of the changes coming in v1.05. Read

Home Gym Notification Screenshot

Five of Our Favorite Fitness YouTubers

Need a break from your workday to watch something entertaining and yet informative? Check out five of our favorite fitness YouTubers. Read

Screenshot from BroScienceLife video

What's The Deal With Cardio?

Will cardio kill my gains? Do I need to do cardio to get cut? We put to rest some popular misconceptions about cardio and lifting in this post. Read

Woman Running

Three Features in Gravitus for Logging Workouts Quickly

Want to track your workouts without being glued to your phone? Learn 3 ways Gravitus minimizes tapping so you can get back to lifting. Read

Gravitus Workout Editor

The Path to Twenty Pull-ups

Pull-ups are the ultimate bodyweight exercise. Read the story of a fat kid turned Marine so you don't have to join the military to progress to twenty pull-ups. Read

Man performing a pull-up

Doing a Max Effort Day at the Gym

We showed you how to estimate your one rep max. Now let's talk about how you can safely test it at the gym. Read

Powerlifter performing Bench Press

Two Must-Read Research Studies for Lifters

How much protein do you need during a cut? How long should you rest between sets? We summarize two research studies done recently that are relevant to lifters. Read

Research Books

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