How to Lift Heavy and Fail Safely

Lift heavy long enough, and eventually you're going to bail. Don't fear your max days, come to the gym prepared with these tips to lift safely and fail gracefully. Read

Woman squatting

What Are Your Lifting Goals?

What are your lifting goals? My least favorite question. Not sure what your goals are? It’s ok. Maybe you’re like me, and just love lifting for the sake of lifting. Read

Barbell on the floor

Strawberry Maple Protein Donuts

Feeling like a donut but not a carb hangover? This delicious donut recipe will hit the spot without ruining your diet. Read

Finished Donut

Tracking Your Workouts Will Make You Stronger

Think you don't need to log your workouts if you remember the weight you used? Think again! Learn what you're missing out on when you don't track your workouts. Read

Man pushing a weighted sled

Lessons Learned on the Way to 7% Body Fat

Curious how we handle dieting down for summer? Here are four key lessons Eric, co-founder of Gravitus, learned from his cut. Read

Cut Man

Get in Shape With This Bodyweight Routine

On the road without a good gym option? Short for time and still want to get in a workout? You can still gain mass and get strong with this bodyweight routine. Read

Man and Woman Performing Planks

Tracking Your Gains Like a Pro

You're putting in work at the gym. Is it paying off? Are you losing fat and gaining muscle? Read up on three easy ways to track your body composition. Read

Omron HBF-306 Fat Loss Monitor

Top Five Foods Lifters Should Add to Their Diets

If you lift and you track your macros, chances are you have an intimate relationship with chicken. You have other options! Read this and spice up your diet. Read

Coffee Grounds

Three Ingredient Protein Pancakes

Looking for a quick and protein packed breakfast to keep you going until lunch? We’ve got you covered! Check out this 3 ingredient protein pancake recipe. Read

Finished Pancakes

Gravitus Launches In 15 Additional Countries

We're happy to announce that Gravitus is now available in the United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand and 9 more countries! Read

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