I'm going to make a bold claim: tracking your workouts will make you stronger. How am I so sure of it? Well, because it's happening for our users. You probably think you remember what you lifted last workout, well you're probably pretty close if not spot on. Most of us are not adding a ton of weight to the bars from one workout to the next, our sport is a practice of patience and dedication where progress is measured over months and years. But that isn't the point.


So if I already remember what I lifted last workout, how is tracking what I already know going to make me stronger? To answer that question, let me ask you another one. When someone asks you to sign a document, do you think about what it means, or do you just blindly scribble your name down without trying to understand the stipulations? Signing a paper makes most of us pause and think. In a similar fashion, when your workout log is in front of you and you're thinking about your next set, all of your past effort for that exercise is front and center. Every ounce of sweat and hard work you've poured into the gym is in an app, on a spreadsheet, or in a notebook right in front of you. Then, as you walk over to the weight tree to grab more plates for your next set, you're going to really think if today is the day you're ready to add weight and solidify your glory in your workout log, or if today is another exercise in mediocrity.


So, if the act of logging your workouts alone is already a kick in the pants in terms of motivation, imagine opening your workout log up to your friends. Now, it's not just that little voice in your head keeping you accountable for your gainz, now your lifting buddies can see your efforts as well. With Gravitus, you can choose to make your workouts public or keep them to yourself, but we encourage you to leave your workouts open and invite your friends to the app for this very reason. Nothing beats hitting that last rep of a heavy set for a new PR, or solidifying that new benchmark of achievement in your log, but getting a congratulatory comment from your friend or another lifting buddy you respect is pretty exciting in itself.

Comments for a new PR
Motivate your friends on Gravitus for good workouts.


Still not convinced? At Gravitus, we take it a step further with features to measure your progress and drive competition. Every exercise has a leaderboard and you can see exactly how you stack up against your friends or the entire lifting community. Depending on what motivates you and your friends, this might just be a cool background feature you use occasionally to see how your strength is progressing, or if you and a lifting buddy are close in strength, it could become a battle for top spot in the rankings and bragging rights that you fight for, one PR at a time.


We're huge proponents of tracking here at Gravitus, but it doesn't stop at your workout log. To get the best results, we like to monitor other variables related to our fitness like the macronutrients we're taking in through our diet or the calories we burn doing cardio. Read more about the essential health and fitness apps for liftersto learn more and we will see you in the app!

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Bryan is the Co-Founder & CTO of Gravitus. A Marine Corps Veteran, the only thing he likes more than hacking on code is pumping iron.