"What’s your end goal for lifting?"

I get asked this quite a bit. I get asked this by my trainer, by my friends, and even though he’s probably not, I get this sneaky suspicion even my dog wonders what I’m doing this for. He has judgy eyes.

A dog judging me
See what I mean? Judgy.

When I was a runner, the question was easy to answer: “I’m trying to get faster.” or “I’m training to increase mileage.” Even when I told folks “It’s my stress reliever.” it seemed an acceptable answer. Now, people ask this about my time spent lifting, and I sense that it’s more loaded.

They look at my very average frame, and probably wonder why I lift. I’m not competing, I’m not super ripped, I’m not huge. It might seem like it’s a waste to some who don’t really understand it. Very simply, I genuinely enjoy it. I love the adrenaline, and seeing improvements in form, and getting stronger. I’m not following a super strict plan, though. I’m going in and doing what I want to do with a four day split, and doing my best to follow intermittent fasting. I’m trying to live a balanced life, with a fun hobby. I’m not going to lie and say I’m not a gym rat. I’m in the gym all the time, and even have a treadmill in my living room. I love fitness!

Barbell on the floor
My stress reliever.

When you get asked this question, and you aren’t sure what your goals are, think about it. Do you love it? Are you at the gym lifting on your bad days to work through the stress? Are you there on your good days to demolish a new PR? Are you there on the in-between days because it’s a habit at this point? Me too.

Yes, I’d love a six pack. Yes, it’d be so cool to get stronger. But what about if I just love it? That’s my end goal: I want to keep enjoying it for years to come. I want to keep this as my hobby, because it’s a stress reliever and what keeps me grounded.

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Sarah handles all things marketing for Gravitus. An avid baker, she enjoys developing macro friendly recipes. She's been lifting heavy since 2013, and loves the barbell like she loves cute puppies.