Five of Our Favorite Fitness YouTubers

By Eric Wagner on March 21, 2016

There are tons of YouTube channels we know and love. We can't list them all, so in this post we're covering five that we find especially entertaining.


Ok, this one's pretty obvious. Hilarious channel. You probably won't learn anything new, but it'll keep you entertained.

Buff Dudes

Hudson & Brandon helped me improve my form on pull ups and squats, but my favorite video has got to be Gym Wildlife, embedded below.

Bradley Martyn

Lots of love for this guy. Just a chill dude and entertaining to watch, whether he's talking about where he finds his motivation, or squatting 315 on a hoverboard.


The Hodge twins. Fun to watch them riff on whatever topic they decide to cover. Especially love their Q&A videos.

Omar Isuf

Gotta love Omar. Super down to earth guy. I personally improved my Overhead Press thanks to Omar. Video embedded below.

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