Key Features of Gravitus 1.05

By Bryan Alger on March 23, 2016

We're constantly working to bring you guys exciting new features that make logging your workouts in the gym with Gravitus a breeze. Here are a few of the changes we're bringing to Gravitus v1.05, we hope you like it!

Home Gym Reminders

Home Gym Notification

We know a lot of our new users forget to log their workouts in Gravitus while they're at the gym. We don't want you to ever miss a workout or scratch your head hours later, wondering if you hit the fifth rep or bailed out on four, so we're giving you the option to select your home gym. Once you select your gym, we'll notify you when you're nearby to remind you to log your workout, you can easily turn this notification on or off from the More page like any other notification. See the video below for details!

Smarter Exercise Sorting

We're constantly improving the logging process to get you in and out and back to your workout as quickly as possible. We've made a smarter exercise selection screen that takes into account your past workouts. For example, I've been on a full body routine for a couple of months. I always start my workout with Squat and then move on to Bench Press, followed by Lat Pulldown or Seated Row for my back. Now when I start a workout, Squat is at the top of the exercise selection list since I normally begin my workouts with Squat. When I go to add my next exercise, Bench Press is at the top of the list because I normally follow with that after Squats, etc. If you throw a curveball and change up your routine, you'll probably be surprised by our recommendations as you continue your workout! The more you use Gravitus, the smarter the app becomes.

Metric Support

It's been a few months since our U.S. launch and after several releases, we're ready to expand internationally! Is your plates are measured in kilograms rather than pounds, simply change your preferred units from the "More" page in the app and with the tap of your finger, all of the weights in Gravitus will be in the units you work out with.

User Profiles

We know a lot of you like to share your progress on social media. Last release we added the ability to share your workouts over the web with your friends that don't have Gravitus, now we're doing the same for your user profile. Simple goto your profile, tap the options button in the navigation bar and tap "Share Profile" and you can share a link to your Gravitus profile so that all of your followers can see your gains. Here is my profile for example.

And that's not it! We also added a new user flow to get you in the app and using our coolest features in no time. Stay tuned for more cool features, and let us know what you want to see in the next version of Gravitus in the comments below!

Gravitus workout screen and watch app
Gravitus screenshot showing tracking functionality
Gravitus screenshot showing social features
Gravitus screenshot showing charts functionality
Gravitus screenshot showing additional analytics
Gravitus screenshot showing leaderboards and workouts treaks
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