Gravitus Launches In 15 Additional Countries

By Eric Wagner on April 1, 2016

Gravitus is growing fast! It seems like just yesterday that we launched on the U.S. App Store. Today, we're happy to announce that with the rollout of metric support in v1.05 we've made Gravitus available in the following 15 countries:

If you're a lifter in any of the locations above, head to the App Store and download Gravitus today! Track your workouts and compete with friends, all on Gravitus, the app for lifters.

Gravitus workout screen and watch app
Gravitus screenshot showing tracking functionality
Gravitus screenshot showing social features
Gravitus screenshot showing charts functionality
Gravitus screenshot showing additional analytics
Gravitus screenshot showing leaderboards and workouts treaks
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Eric is the Co-Founder & CEO of Gravitus. His passion for design, tech and setting PRs at the gym led him to start the company and create the app that we know and love.