Lifting is hard. It's not going to be what you want to do when you first wake up at the crack of dawn after four hours of sleep, and it won't be what you want to do at the end of a long day of work. Willpower is not an infinite thing, and making your life as conducive to your goals as you can will definitely keep you on track to success. It's not a guarantee, but anything helps, right?

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So what can you do to help shape your life towards making your lifting goals a reality? Well, for one, keep it simple. Meal prep. Lay out clothes for the gym the night before, and for the love of all things good, don't try to start a new lifting program tracking with a cumbersome and overly complicated lifting app. Don't be that guy standing there like a deer in the headlights at the gym, scratching your head over what you're supposed to be typing where, and wait... did you just delete your whole workout? Oh no. All the while that lurker behind you is trying to work in on your machine. Well crap, looks like you just lost your last couple sets on the leg press buddy. Better luck tomorrow I guess.

Let's focus back on a tracking app. They can definitely simplify things at the gym. You probably already have your phone with you when you roll up to your gym to begin with because, you know, Facebook, right? Oh, right, and those important calls you might miss. If you are one of those lifters bringing a notebook and pen with you, or are just taking mental notes and putting it all in Excel when you get home, well, let me tell you, there's a better way to go about things on your phone. Don't be that guy with the notebook. Please don't. You already have your phone with you so put it use rather than lug more than you need to the gym.

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Maybe you're coming from the other end of the spectrum and you have three or four different tracking apps on your phone right now. You alternate between them since they all have strengths and weaknesses and you so wish the app fairy would grant your wish and you'll wake up one day with all three melded into one, with only the best features having been included from all three. I understand. Having to tap three screens back to input stats into an exercise you just spent forever searching for is lame. So is focusing on some arbitrary point system that doesn't make sense. So is having to see a bunch of randos with their shirts off. Ugh. All of this is extremely draining of willpower. It makes you want to not deal with it. Each little hiccup taps into your willpower well and leaves you struggling just a little bit more to just get it done. Get to the gym. Kill it. And repeat week in and week out.

We have something for you. We promise it won't hurt. It's an app. One for people who lift. One for lifters who know what they want and don't need hand holding, but want an easy way to log their workouts and track progress. It's called Gravitus and it's going to change how you track.

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Sarah handles all things marketing for Gravitus. An avid baker, she enjoys developing macro friendly recipes. She's been lifting heavy since 2013, and loves the barbell like she loves cute puppies.