So the boys covered favorite YouTubers a while back, and now it’s my turn. There are a ton of amazing channels out there, but here are the channels I gravitate back to over and over.

Meg Squats

Former bikini competitor, now powerlifter. She is my biggest motivator to not cry around about the baby weights I lift, and just suck it up and work harder. Her squat is insane—in the video below, all geared up, she’s squatting 386 lbs, and all her videos are very entertaining. She’s willing to talk about things many female fitness YouTubers don’t. She even goes over stress incontinence when lifting heavy, and how to deal with that issue. She’s also put out a very genuine, heartfelt, video about the binge swing that so many women who compete go through after leaning out for the stage, and her experience finding balance again.


Chelsea is a beast, and she’s still a few years shy of 25. She owns a gym, online coaches, and runs an apparel line, and completely demolished the 10,000 calorie challenge. Oh, right, so what makes her earn a spot as a favorite female fitness YouTuber? She’s a super strong powerlifter. She’s also competed in physique (think Dana Linn Bailey category for women), and is cutting down for the stage next month.

Nikki Blackketter

Ok, calm down. Before the trolls come out to complain she focuses too much on glutes, or has crazy lash extensions…calm. down. I’ve been watching her for over two years, and it’s been really interesting watching her prep, watching her lean bulk, train, and compete. She’s got a great on camera personality, and her editing style keeps the videos entertaining from start to finish.

In defense of her training style: She competes in bikini category, which has a very specific look required to place high. This means a lot of glute training, so she can get on stage very very lean with shredded abs and still have a butt.

In defense of her lashes/hair extensions/implants: I don’t get why people would bash on her for lifting and also wanting to look feminine and pretty. When a female leans out she looses her boobs. That’s just part of it. Implants are a solution to this. If you’re not happy with it, don’t watch. Go watch Meg Squats talk about peeing during heavy lifts if you want something gritty.

Dana Linn Bailey

I found her YouTube channel back in 2013, and she was the first YouTuber I really followed back then. She’s driven, strong, and a very well rounded strength athlete. She’s a physique competitor, but also used to compete in bench competitions, so she’s not throwing around baby weights. For example, in the video below she lifts her car.

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