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About the Program

You know what sucks? Losing weight. You can't have some of your favorite foods all the time. You are always tired because you are on lower calories. You look smaller in t-shirts.

And the biggest offender… you get WEAKER.

I mean, you spent all that time trying to get bigger & stronger only to watch it disappear while you lose weight. All that progress, erased.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Fuck that. You see if you train very intelligently, in a fat loss phase you can maintain your strength and if you weren't training optimally before, even potentially increase it.

Most fat loss programs emphasize how much weight you will lose, and a few emphasize maintaining your muscle… but almost none talk about your strength!

Our program is designed to maximize fat loss, preserve your muscle mass AND maintain or even increase your strength. We are athletes at heart that like to not only look good but be able to do something with our bodies.

We walk you through everything. From the very basic stuff like what to eat, how to set up your macros etc., to more advanced stuff like principles of lifting and technique hacks. Our goal is to give you a comprehensive overview of how you should train, eat and approaching your fat loss to maximize results.

We've designed the program with the every person in mind. None of us have exceptional fat loss genetics; in fact, we are kind of dough boys at heart (hello ice cream my old friend). But we've managed over our combined decades of lifting and coaching to decipher the simple rules of maintaining your strength while losing weight. The idea is for you to run our 12-week program, get much leaner and go right back to setting PRs.

Take your training to the next level. Get our strength/fat loss program.


Key Stats

Level Any
Session length 45-80 minutes
Frequency 4 days/week
Program length 12 weeks


  • Follow Kizen’s Strength and Fatloss program, step by step, via the Gravitus iOS app.
  • Lead you through strength testing the main lifts, personalizing the program for you.
  • Allow you to customize the exercise variants used throughout the program.
  • Provide you with four fully-defined workouts per week including personalized weight, set and rep goals for each day.
  • Access tips and videos from Kizen Training, making sure your form is 100% on point.
  • Access an additional macro calculator and fat loss guide to ensure you reach your goals.
  • Give you the tools to track your progress, including charts and graphs of your entire training history, on-program or off.
  • Connect you with the Gravitus community of lifters, with leaderboards, video sharing and more.

Included Extras

21 Exercise Videos

89 Exercise Tips

Fat Loss Made Simple

Program Schedule & Macro Calculator

Principles of Lifting & Program Overview (10:19)

Bench Press Tutorial (10:16)

Squat Tutorial (14:52)

Deadlift Tutorial (9:00)

About the Author

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Kizen Training

Battle tested training programming from three industry veterans.

About the Gravitus App

Purchasing this program grants you lifetime access to it within the Gravitus mobile app, where you can follow each workout, and access all the included program extras.

Gravitus is the training app for lifters. Track your workouts, analyze your performance, engage with the community, and follow the world’s best training programs. Our technology is designed to fuel your activities at the gym.

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