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Novice Bodybuilding 2

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About the Program

Novice Bodybuilding 2 is a four-day program designed around helping lifters maximize hypertrophy in a proportional manner. It is not for completely new lifters, but it is for folks who have been in the gym for less than a year, who can make small amounts of progress workout to workout.

The program has more exercises than a program for powerlifting or pure strength, to ensure all muscle groups are adequately trained, and has a higher total volume compared to powerlifting programs, which shouldn't use as high a volume because the loads are high on the more stressful movements.

There are two “strength” days and two “volume” days. Strength development complements the accumulation of training volume and aids hypertrophy (muscle growth) by allowing heavier loads to be used over time.

Because skill development is not as important to a bodybuilder as it is to a powerlifter, and because greater volumes are performed on each day, a lower/upper split is used to balance out fatigue and recovery across the week.

Like all the Muscle and Strength Pyramid programs, Novice Bodybuilding 2 is set up based around the fundamental scientific principles and priorities of resistance training, and is informed by the latest, highest quality research.

- Eric Helms, PhD

Key Stats

Level Novice
Session length 70-80 minutes
Frequency 4 days/week
Program length Ongoing


  • Follow the full Novice Bodybuilding 2 program, step by step, via the Gravitus iOS app.
  • Lead you through strength testing the main lifts, personalizing the program for you.
  • Allow you to customize the exercise variants used throughout the program.
  • Provide you with four fully-defined workouts per week including personalized weight, set and rep goals for each day.
  • Access tips and videos from the Muscle & Strength Pyramid team, making sure your form is 100% on point.
  • Give you the tools to track your progress, including charts and graphs of your entire training history, on-program or off.
  • Connect you with the Gravitus community of lifters, with leaderboards, video sharing and more.

Included Extras

47 Exercise Videos

69 Exercise Tips

About the Author

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About the Gravitus App

Purchasing this program grants you lifetime access to it within the Gravitus mobile app, where you can follow each workout, and access all the included program extras.

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