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10 Week Weightlifting IOS BETA

by Clarence Kennedy

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About the Program

This 10-week program develops your strength and power while giving you opportunities to practice the different exercises to improve your weightlifting technique. There are also plenty of opportunities for maxing.

It's primarily designed for intermediate level weightlifters—those who can perform the snatch and clean and jerk consistently without big technical errors. Advanced lifters may also use this program.

- Clarence Kennedy

Key Stats

Level Intermediate/Advanced
Session length 45-80 minutes
Frequency 4 days/week
Program length 10 weeks


  • Follow Clarence Kennedy's 10 Week Weightlifting Program, step by step, via the Gravitus iOS app.
  • Lead you through strength testing the main lifts.
  • Provide you with four fully-defined workouts per week.
  • Access tips and videos from Clarence, making sure your form is 100% on point.
  • Give you the tools to track your progress, including charts and graphs of your entire training history, on-program or off.
  • Connect you with the Gravitus community of lifters, with leaderboards, video sharing and more.

Included Extras

11 Exercise Videos

109 Exercise Tips

Program Summary

Program Schedule

About the Author

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Clarence Kennedy

Weightlifter, powerlifter and tricker from Ireland.

About the Gravitus App

Purchasing this program grants you lifetime access to it within the Gravitus mobile app, where you can follow each workout, and access all the included program extras.

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