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See why we've been rated 5 stars by over 5,000 users.

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I’ve tracked about 600 workouts on Gravitus now and can say it’s the best lifting tracker on the App Store. Great work guys

I love it!
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Amazing app, it has an huge exercises database and allows me to keep track of my (and also my friend's) performance. After the redesign the app is even better and nice to look at. You don't need to pay to use the most essential features.

Best workout app 2023
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Gravitus was designed to track, improve and be conscious of your fitness goals. The app is user friendly and simple to use. I highly recommend the paid version as the features that come with it are well worth it. Kudos to the company that made this app! Well done!

Great update
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New features are great. Exertion Calculator made train even harder today!

New update
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Layout in the new update looks great! Been using Gravitus for years - really good tracker.

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The perfect tracking app with complete flexibility...

Amazing tracking tool
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Easy and extremely simple interface, love the app

The best
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The best tracking app for serious lifters

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Gravitus screenshot showing tracking functionality

Everything You Need

✓ Seamless Workout Tracking
Effortlessly log your sets, reps, and weights with a streamlined interface designed for minimal input and maximum focus.

✓ Custom Templates
Plan your routine with our workout template system – whether it's strength, hypertrophy, or endurance training, Gravitus adapts to you.

✓ Rest Timers
Stay on track with custom rest timers. Track your heart rate recovery from our watch app and quickly adjust your rest time as needed.

✓ Every Exercise
Use one of the over 200,000 exercises already included in the Gravitus database or add your own.

Connect With Others

✓ Global Community
Join a worldwide network of fitness lovers. Catch the latest workout sessions from friends and fellow gym enthusiasts in real time.

✓ Video Sharing
Show off your form, share personal bests, or spotlight your most intense workout moments with video posts.

✓ Workout Inspiration
Discover new workout ideas and get inspired by the success stories and routines of others.

✓ Motivation and Encouragement
Send and receive props, comments, and encouragement. Celebrate every milestone with a community that cares.

Gravitus screenshot showing social features
Gravitus screenshot showing charts functionality

Charts Galore

✓ Comprehensive Tracking
View your workout volume, duration, and intensity over time with easy-to-read graphs.

✓ Customizable Charts
Create personalized charts to track the metrics that matter most to you, from strength totals to body composition.

✓ Progress Over Time
Choose from different time spans — monthly, quarterly, yearly, or all-time — to reflect on how far you've come.

Powerful Analytics

✓ Workout Summaries
Get a quick overview of your performance. Drill into specific workouts or summarize the results across any time frame.

✓ Muscle Areas
Visualize the breakdown of muscle group engagement, ensuring balanced training and avoiding potential overuse injuries.

✓ Track Trends
Identify which exercises you’re excelling at and which are stalling with trends for total sets, volume, and your one rep max over time.

✓ Exercise Analysis
Drill down into specific exercises like the squat to see how you're progressing in greater detail.

Gravitus screenshot showing additional analytics
Gravitus screenshot showing leaderboards and workouts treaks

Achieve and Inspire

Climb the ranks and build consistency with Gravitus Leaderboards and Workout Streaks. Challenge yourself and others by tracking your standing within the Gravitus community.

✓ Competitive Leaderboards
See how you stack up against others with leaderboards for each exercise. Push your limits and rise to the top.

✓ Workout and Exercise Streaks
Celebrate your consistency with streaks. Stay on track by lifting every week and compete to earn a crown to be among the most dedicated Gravitus users.

Ready to Elevate Your Workouts?

Embark on a journey towards your strongest self with Gravitus. Join a movement that transcends the ordinary workout log. Track, analyze, and share your fitness journey with a passionate community that cheers you on every step of the way.

  • Simplify your tracking: Say goodbye to manual logs and hello to intuitive workout tracking.
  • Visualize your progress: Watch your strength grow with powerful analytics.
  • Stay motivated: Connect with friends, share achievements, and keep your streaks alive.

Gravitus isn't just an app — it's a partner in your fitness journey. Are you ready to redefine your gym experience?

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