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About the Program

The experts at BarBend have drawn upon years of experience in the world of strength sports to create their very first training program: 10 Week Powerbuilding. This program is for novice and intermediate athletes that want a dynamic routine to improve strength, athleticism, and body composition. Get stronger, look better, and feel like an athlete.

Multiple training variables are tied into a strategic 10-week roadmap to help you reach your goals. Every day is designed to build the squat, bench press, deadlift, and overhead press with complementary accessories.

The 10-weeks are broken into separate strength and hypertrophy blocks. Each movement is linearly periodized in their respective strength and hypertrophy blocks, and training variables are scaled accordingly with respective deloads. Upper body movements deload together every 4-weeks, while the squat deloads every fifth week, and the deadlift every sixth week.

You'll gain experience with the four main lifts at varying intensities, and adequately manage fatigue, which will serve in fulfilling three main goals:

1. Build strength in the compound movements with strategic loading.
2. Improve lagging areas and body composition with curated accessories.
3. Increase athleticism with accessories focused on power, stability, and mobility.

- Jake Boly, MS CSCS

Key Stats

Level Novice/Intermediate
Session length 45-60 minutes
Frequency 4-5 days/week
Program length 10 weeks


  • Follow the full 10 Week Powerbuilding program, step by step, via the Gravitus iOS app.
  • Allow you to customize the exercise variants used throughout the program.
  • Provide you with five fully-defined workouts per week including personalized weight, set and rep goals for each day.
  • Access tips and videos from the BarBend team, making sure your form is 100% on point.
  • Give you the tools to track your progress, including charts and graphs of your entire training history, on-program or off.
  • Connect you with the Gravitus community of lifters, with leaderboards, video sharing and more.

Included Extras

56 Exercise Videos

124 Exercise Tips

Daily Schedule

Supplemental Notes

About the Author

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About the Gravitus App

Purchasing this program grants you lifetime access to it within the Gravitus mobile app, where you can follow each workout, and access all the included program extras.

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