Gravitus Premium

Unlock the tools for a competitive edge.

Download Gravitus and subscribe to our premium membership for access to the most advanced features.

  • Track your progress over time with powerful charts and analytics.
  • Use the plate calculator to save time loading up the bar.
  • See how you stack up against the Gravitus community with access to our global leaderboard.

Advanced Charts

Quickly track your progress on any exercise. Whether you want to see how your strength is changing, how much volume you're lifting, or even your workout's INOL values, you can quickly access all of the above with Gravitus Premium.

Still want more? From your own custom charts dashboard, you can add any number of charts:

  • Exercise charts
  • Total volume
  • Workout duration
  • Powerlifting, Olympic or even Custom Totals
  • Bodyweight, body fat percentage, or total body fat and lean mass
  • Caloric intake
  • Sleep

Plate Calculator

135, 225, 315: These numbers mean something to all of us. When it comes to gym math, you instinctively know exactly what that looks like on a barbell.

But what happens when you're an hour into your workout, you're on a new program, and Gravitus tells you to load up 80% of your training max? We've already done that calculation for you, but it's not a nice multiple you're used to. Do you get it right 100% of the time?

You don't have to be a gym bruh to mess up now and then and load the wrong weight. Save time and a headache with the plate calculator. It's already where you want it.

Global Standings

What pushes you to lift heavy? The weight of the barbell on your shoulders? The pump after a good set? The soreness the next day?

If the basic version of Gravitus didn't provide enough motivation on it's own, now you can see how you measure up against the entire community.

Create your own custom leaderboard page to track the exercises you care about, or access the leaderboard ad hoc from any exercise and see exactly where you stand.