We've been hard at work adding some of our most requested features. We've been so busy in fact that we're calling this our v2 release! Read on and learn about our new superset and drop set support, cool new ways to plan your workouts and even a full screen mode that brings your workout front and center.

Features for advanced lifters

At our core, Gravitus is a workout logger. If you're an intermediate lifter you probably occasionally add supersets or drop sets to your workout. We've made that functionality incredibly simple:

Creating a superset is as simple as adding a couple of exercises.
Drop sets are quickly accessible from the set menu.

Log your workouts faster

To make logging even faster, plan your next sets during your rest and check them off one by one. You can also tab between sets to enter multiple values in succession.

Quickly log your planned sets with the tap of your finger.
Moving between sets has never been easier with convenient navigation buttons.

Workout in fullscreen

One of our most exciting features is a new fullscreen mode that puts your current set front and center. Set your goals first, then go full screen to bring the most important information up close, where it belongs. Exceed or miss a goal? No problem, you can set a new value without leaving full screen.

After you've set goals, go full screen for the optimal lifting experience.

Plan your workouts with templates

For those of you that follow workout programs, our new template feature is going to blow you away! Quickly and easily create templates for the workouts you do, then start a workout from template when you hit the gym.

Create a template ahead of time to make logging incredibly fast.

Save now, finish later

Whether you're interrupted mid-workout, or you just want to plan a one-off workout, draft workouts mean you can plan your workout ahead of time and finish it when you're ready.

Save a workout as a draft and finish it later.

Photo of Bryan Alger

Bryan Alger

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Bryan is the Co-Founder & CTO of Gravitus. A Marine Corps Veteran, the only thing he likes more than hacking on code is pumping iron.